Wildlife Pest Restoration

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Front Range Pest Has a Wide Range of Restoration Services

Once wildlife pests have permeated your home or business, destruction inevitably follows. When you suspect an invasion, call the professionals at Front Range Pest for prompt, efficient, and safe removal. The sooner, the better, as damage will only intensify over time and possibly place the structure of your home at risk, or worse, put you and your family’s health in danger from hazardous air quality, unsanitary bi-products, and more.

In addition to removing and controlling pests, we prevent animal reentry by repairing and sealing all access points. Our in-house technicians are experienced and qualified to repair most structural damage caused by wildlife, from removing and replacing contaminated insulation to repairing chimney caps, and exterior siding and roofing. Any environmental modifications that can be made to help prevent future infestations will be shared after our comprehensive inspection.

We know you can't cut corners to get a job done right. When you hire Front Range Pest, you can count on us to restore the integrity of your property to pre-animal invasion. This includes a thorough animal cleanup to remove the pheromone odors left behind that entice other pests for sanctuary. We also clean and kill mold buildup using a negative air system that safely exchanges the attics’ air with fresh during the remediation process. The contaminated air of the attic is contained during our cleaning procedure so as not to hinder the remaining household's air quality. Whatever your wildlife pest issue, from removal, deterrence, cleanup, and restoration services, we'll find the best solution for you!

Wildlife control

Common Wildlife Restoration Services

  • Carcass Removal (Interior or Exterior)
  • Assistance in Filing Insurance Claims
  • Mold Remediation and Air Quality Improvement from Animal Damage
  • Repairing and Restoring Property from Wildlife Damage
  • Wildlife Cleanup: Sterilizing and Cleaning Contaminated Areas
  • Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection/Report
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Front Range Pest is your local, family-owned, all-inclusive pest control and wildlife removal company. Our prompt, professional, and reliable techs have the integrity you can count on for a job done right. All our treatments begin with a thorough inspection, from the foundation to the attic. We’ll review our findings and discuss solutions to remove the intrusive wildlife and prevent further invasions. Any cleanup, repair, or restoration work required due to animal or insect damage will also be thoroughly discussed and resolutions explored to avoid pest reentry.

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